Where The Strangers Come From Where The Strangers Come From Reviewed by Lee on 9:01 am Rating: 5

The Year Of Letting Go

We're six months into the year now, and I'm feeling the need for a change, both the big and small kind. It's been a funny week, ...
- 8:40 pm
The Year Of Letting Go The Year Of Letting Go Reviewed by Lee on 8:40 pm Rating: 5

Winter Hill

Been digging through some stuff I did during the lockdowns recently, and found a short story that I completed way back at the beginning of ...
- 10:36 am
Winter Hill Winter Hill Reviewed by Lee on 10:36 am Rating: 5


Way, way back in the mists of time, I set up a Ko-Fi account and then did...absolutely nothing with it. I mean, yeah, I had a banner over ...
- 10:09 am
Ko-Fi Ko-Fi Reviewed by Lee on 10:09 am Rating: 5


So, yeah, an ogliarch is buying Twitter . I'm reluctant to join in with the performative voices on said platform saying they'll leav...
- 11:29 am
Changes Changes Reviewed by Lee on 11:29 am Rating: 5


Pretty sure using this ol' blog-o-mine used to be easier. Looking back at [really, really ] old posts, I'm kind of surprised how......
- 11:02 am
Thinking Thinking Reviewed by Lee on 11:02 am Rating: 5


Been making a few subtle changes to this ol' work blog, removing links to some of my "public facing" soash meeds accounts as a...
- 11:23 am
Shuttering Shuttering Reviewed by Lee on 11:23 am Rating: 5

So, 2022, then...

As I usually do around this time of year, I've been planning to post a "look ahead" into what's maybe (or maybe not) comin...
- 11:56 am
So, 2022, then... So, 2022, then... Reviewed by Lee on 11:56 am Rating: 5
Velicity Jones returns in... The Dicemen Affair! Velicity Jones returns in... The Dicemen Affair! Reviewed by Lee on 10:56 am Rating: 5

The Emerald King

Coming next week to Aces Weekly is The Emerald King , by me, Alex Paterson and Nikki Powers ... Hired to follow socialite Eva Vickers ar...
- 10:31 am
The Emerald King The Emerald King Reviewed by Lee on 10:31 am Rating: 5
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