So, yeah, an ogliarch is buying Twitter.

I'm reluctant to join in with the performative voices on said platform saying they'll leave in the wake of all that, because, well, I'm not a performative person. But I am contemplating shutting up shop for good over there (hipster that I am, I've been contemplating leaving the platform long before it was cool). In fact, I'm wondering if this is the right time to finally shit or get off the pot when it comes to soash meeds generally.

I'm tired of the consistently performative bullshit of social media - and make no mistake, that's all it is: the trolls, the crypto-bros, the racist garbage. It's all just people performing for their audience (real or imagined), desperate for attention of any kind. Watching it play out just... It just eats away at your soul, man, and I think I've had enough.

I've already shuttered some public facing accounts, and I'm reluctant to open any new ones on new platforms, because I don't want to have to get involved with the same dance again. I can't feed the content machine any more of myself. It's already had too much of me, and I don't have much more left.

Maybe it's time to make a return to the isles of blogging (and maybe stick to it this time).

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