Way, way back in the mists of time, I set up a Ko-Fi account and then did...absolutely nothing with it.

I mean, yeah, I had a banner over there on the right for a while, but took it off when I changed the blog template around and just...never put it back. I just didn't feel comfortable with it there, if I'm being honest, and I'm not big on using those kinds of sites anyway. But, Ko-Fi started offering online shops for their users, which made me go back and re-think the entire situation, and set one up. Which I then proceeded to do...absolutely nothing with.

I've been working out some bigger plans for a while now, and I want to use Ko-Fi as part of them. So. I've posted some old short ebooks up there, to test the waters, with plans to add more later. I'm not exactly sure what at the mintue (although there's defintely two things looming), but we'll see.

So, yeah. I'm on Ko-Fi, too, I guess.

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