Been making a few subtle changes to this ol' work blog, removing links to some of my "public facing" soash meeds accounts as a way of...well, shuttering them, I guess.

The reasons are pretty simple: somewhere along the road, the lines between "work-related" and "personal" got blurred a little too much for my liking, and I want to try and reclaim some personal space online, somewhere I don't have to continually put on a front, and be a little more...myself. Or, failing that, just...disconnect from the social internet completely.

(I'm barely around social media these days anyway, so that wouldn't exactly be a giant leap)

I am keeping accounts open, though. Things like and Steam will stay active (albeit as private as I can make them) as "media journals," so I keep track of what I'm watching or listening to or playing, and Twitter will remain there as a way to shamelessly self promote, if I have anything to do that for (and maybe lurk a while - I wish I could quit that platform completely, I tell you). Tumblr will stay open until I actually get around to closing it, LinkedIn will probably remain dormant for the time being and Facebook... Ugh. I really should close that up once and for all.

So, yeah. I guess this is me just...well, not so much reducing my digital footprint, as much as just...reorganising things and putting some of them neatly away for the time being. And, hey, if anyone wants me, I'm always available.

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