Pretty sure using this ol' blog-o-mine used to be easier. Looking back at [really, really] old posts, I'm kind of surprised I was about things. Just throwing stuff out there, safe in the knowledge no one would read it, and just, generally, venting frustrations about...everything.

I was going to ask myself a question here, about why I stopped doing that, but the answer's pretty simple: I've just broken the habit of doing it. I've come to value my privacy more and more as I get older, so I'm far more selective about what I share on here (and soash meeds), but it's also trying to keep a veneer of professionalism in place, which, again, means being careful about what I share (I had a whole post written and never put up about my "banner year for rejections" last year, but reading and re-reading it, it felt too, well, unprofessional, so in the drafts it remains).

As a result, this blog gets updated less and less (especially with the lack of new work on the horizon), and it leaves me wondering if I even need it any more. Come to that, do I really need an online presence?

This is all coming from me wondering if it's time to change things up a bit; maybe bring some plans forward and finally call it quits on some other things. Keeping the blog going seems to fall into that latter category.

I know I could go back to some old school blogging in lieu of work updates, but I'm pretty sure the world doesn't need Yet Another Take to add to The Discourse. And, y'know, I've ruled out the idea of talking about personal stuff on here, which means there's not really much more I can post about.

So, yeah. Interesting times ahead, I guess.

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