So much for my return to the Isles of Blogging. 🤔

Art by Alfie Gallagher

I know I should've used the time in "lockdown" to kickstart this whole thing and write about...whatever to get this blog up and running. If I'm being honest, though, I really should have used it to just talk and let off steam. I've been struggling a bit over the last couple of months, being alone during the lockdown, and I know, from past experience, that just writing stuff down and getting it out of my system so I can see it from a different perspective, can, sometimes be a big help.

The thing is, though, I think of this site as more of a "work blog" than a "personal website," and that's something I really should have changed. The new template was supposed to be a new start, a way to return this to a "personal website" (and be something less performative, I guess, although I'm actually cringing at how performative the last few posts are), but I came up against the limits of Blogger as platform pretty quickly, and just threw my hands up and left it.

I've been mulling a transfer to a self-hosted Wordpress install for a while, and it might be time to look at it again seriously (but I'm struggling to justify the cost of doing that, if I'm being honest).

For the minute, though, I'm going to stick with this and see what happens.
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