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This is Imaginary Stories, the blog of a writer who would prefer it if you didn't refer to it as a "come back."

Been away from the world dealing with some life changing personal stuff, but I'm slowly getting back into the swing of it all, so bear with me. For now, you can grab some short prose stories I've written for less than a quid or maybe even check out some free comics - and if you like them, feel free to buy me a coffee.

In the meantime, watch as I continue my experiment of "being silent" on Twitter, check out whatever random nonsense I choose to post on Tumblr or marvel at my musical tastes over on Alternatively, investigate my other life as a retailer of previously owned books over at WYSIWYG Books. Whatever profits I make from there will be split between the Wansbeck Palliative Care Unit in Ashington and Macmillan Cancer Support.

Art by Alfie Gallagher. 

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