10 Miles

Because I'm a believer in "better late than never", I've finally taken my second plunge into releasing some prose on the Kindle (and other e-readers) in the shape of a short story called 10 Miles:

If you had the opportunity to turn your life over to the whims of Fate and let it guide you, would you take it? Rob Jackson has done just that, letting a simple flip of a coin make all his decisions. Having sold his flat, along with everything in it, and left his life in England behind, Rob finds himself on a road trip through the Nevada desert. But as his journey continues, he comes to realise what a strange and cruel mistress Fate can be...
Like the previous short, 8-Ball, this is more of an experiment with e-readers, really, as well as a way to see if I can make old work - albeit re-written and re-edited to bring it up to a better standard - actually try and earn something. Obviously, I'm not expecting millions from this, but, well, anything that comes from it will be gratefully received.

Anyway, 10 Miles is available now - complete with that rather tasty cover by Bryan Coyle - from Amazon (Kindle only) and Smashwords (other e-readers). And, if you don't have an e-reader, the story is also available as a direct download in PDF format.

The previous short, 8-Ball, is now also available as a direct PDF download, and it and 10 Miles are available via Sellfy, too, if that's your preferred platform.

So, y'know, go buy and, hopefully, enjoy.
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