Zarjaz Presents... Judge Dredd: No Escape Ep 1

Letters by Bolt-01

So, here we go again with some more "Daily Dredd"... Only, they're a bit different this time.

Rather than one long strip, we're going to be doing some short ones across the next few days with a couple of different artists and, like The Hunting Games, they'll be running first on The Quaequam Blog, here on my blog and over at my Tumblr (I'll be posting each episode at 1pm). Zarjaz editor extraordinaire Bolt-01 will also be posting it over in the 2000AD forums, if that's your preferred method of Thrill Power delivery. I'll also be posting each strip on a page of their own here for you to catch up.

So, be sure and come back tomorrow for the next episode of No Escape...


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