Imaginary Stories Mark 3

I've been tinkering with this for a wee while now, but it's time to reveal the brand spanking new look for my little ol' blog.

Apart from giving it a new new look, I've also moved the entire thing over to a responsive template, which means it's all geared to be read easily on tablets or phones as well as your standard monitor screen. I've hopefully made it a bit easier to find me on various social media platforms, too - the ones I'm still using, anyway - as well as throwing a couple of shop links in there to try and raise some cash to pay for the domain. I've kept the advertising banners on the blog, too, for the same reasons.

I'm gradually updating the "Free Stuff" page, too, and moving the comics I've got posted up there away from just e-readers to give anyone interested in reading them a wider variety of options (I'm also trying to figure out a way to keep track of the downloads of the PDF files, so any help on that is welcomed). Box - my first ever published comic! - has been moved over to a page all of its own with the aforementioned variety of options, if that's your bag.
I've added another new page, too, listing some of the short prose fiction I have for sale on the Amazon Kindle (and other e-readers) - admittedly, it's a stupidly short list of one story, but I've left the page up there to motivate me into finishing a couple more and getting them out there. I've chopped and changed the links around, too, finally losing a couple of older, potentially dead ones, but I'll be adding more as and when.

So, yeah. Welcome to Imaginary Stories Mark 3!

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