"And now, the end is here..."

So, Babble is in the bag.

The files have been turned over to Com.X for production and eventual printing (although, I have no idea when it'll be seeing print; there's still a cover and various other bits and pieces of internal design to be done), and - if it doesn't sound too pretentious - it feels like a chapter of my life is coming to a close. I've said it time and time again to anyone who'll listen that Babble is a very personal project for me; it's something that's been hanging around my head for... Well, longer than I want to publicly admit, to be honest. It's led to me making more than my fair share of mistakes and cock ups along the way (which, God willing, I'm learning from as I go), but it's done.

I'm not going to deny that it's been a rough ride getting the thing out there, especially given what happened with Insomnia Publications (I'm not going to go into the well publicised break down of the company, as there's not a lot left to say, and I'm not going to go into the behind the scenes stuff that left both me and Bryan with a bitter taste in our mouths). But, landing with a better publisher, one who's given us all the support we could ever have asked for - and one who got us a small presence at Comic Con International in 2011 - made all the hassle worth it.

Of course, none of it would've happened without my partner in crime Bryan Coyle, truly one of best artists I've had the good fortune to work with, and someone I'm proud to call a friend (although, he might not feel the same way). I've seen his work evolve in leaps and bounds in the time I've known and worked with him, and I know he's going to make a big splash when people get to see this.

When he agreed to come on-board with Babble, Bryan quickly made the project his own, designing characters that lived and breathed on the page, and throwing ideas around about everything from story elements, to character motivations, to the overall feel and atmosphere of the whole thing. The work he's done for this is nothing short of Herculean, all things considered (and that's as well as him putting up with my general pain-in-the-arsedness), but I can honestly say, the finished product is stunning.

But it's not over yet.

Next, we have to figure out a way to get readers and retailers interested in the book - which is going to be tricky, considering that both DC and Marvel have big "events" out this year that will no doubt dominate the comic press and comic shops through the summer and beyond. Couple that with the recent "women in comics" debates that have exploded across the internet, and we may well have to face additional scrutiny due to the fact that we have a female lead. But these are all bridges we'll cross when we come to them.

We set out with specific goals for Babble, and I'll probably talk about them later in more depth, but we achieved the big one: we told the story we wanted to tell.
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