Comic Writer Services 2.0

OK, I have to confess this one almost slipped past me, but it seems Writer-To-Watch-Out-For and all round lovely person Dan Hill has managed to recompile a huge collection of articles and links from professional comic writers about the various aspects of the creative process that originally appeared on the now defunct Warren Ellis forum, The Engine.
The articles cover pretty much everything you could ever want to know about the process of writing comics, from moulding the initial idea all the way through to pitching it, and all of them are written by pros from across the industry, including Chuck Dixon, Matt Fraction, Gail Simone, Warren Ellis, Mark Waid, Kurt Busiek and a shedload more. It's a fantastic idea, and my hat goes off to Dan for taking the time to do it. You can find the page at this here link:
So, really, if you want to make comics, you don't really have much of an excuse not to head over there and have a read.
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