Zombies 2 Infects Previews

The long awaited sequel to Accent UK's best selling Zombies anthology, Zombies 2 (or 2ombies, if you prefer) is finally available for pre-order from Previews - and me and Valia Kapadai have managed to blag our way into it!

Diamond order code: MAR120709

Once again, the guys at AUK have pulled together some of the finest creators from around the world for a unique collection of short tales featuring the undead. However, Valia and I came up with something a bit more off the wall, a little tale we had to call Dead Harvest:

Hired to investigate a grave robbing the police have no interest in, the robot PI, Hammett, soon uncovers a city-wide body snatching ring led by a once respected academic, Professor Milo Vernon. As the mystery deepens, Hammett and his companions soon find themselves faced with an army of robotic undead, under Vernon's control...
So, yeah, this really isn't your typical zombie story... Hopefully, though, it'll hold its own against the other stories in the collection. And, we have to give a special shout out to Bryan Coyle for giving permission to use the characters he and I created for Robots way back when.

You can see more of Valia's work in Into The Woods (which you can buy here), and the first of three graphic novels she's providing the artwork for, White Knuckle will be released later this year - as will the much talked about Womanthology, due soon from IDW Publishing, which she's also contributed to.

Anyway, the book can be found on page 232 of this months Previews:

As ever, the important thing is to get shops to order the book. So please, if you want a copy, head down to your local comic book emporium and get them to order a copy for you (give them the order code MAR120709 to make it easier). If the previous anthologies are anything to go by, this one is going to be something you don't want to miss out on. With past contributors including John Reppion and Leah Moore, Dwight MacPherson and current X-scribe supreme Keiron Gillen, each and every anthology from Accent UK has been a self-contained hothouse of talent, both established and emerging, and Zombies 2 looks as it's going to continue that trend. And, come on! Who doesn't love a good zombie tale?

If you want more ZOMBIES related goodness, the first volume is now available in digital form for all your fruit based devices through LUSH Comics.

Also, Accent UK's Robots is still available to buy from Forbidden Planet International, and all good comic shops (Diamond Order Code: MAR083379). Or, if you prefer, you can buy it directly from Accent UK themselves:

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