More pimping...

OK, so I've kind of fallen off the map this past week or so, and haven't really got the chance to do some more pimpage for Death To The Future, but, given that the Secret Project was finally revealed this week, it seems like a good time to pinch borrow this from Dunk's blog and show two of Carlos Ezquerra's least known characters together:

Death To The Future was originally conceived and greenlit before the news about Carlos broke, but it didn't stop us squeezing in a wee tribute to the man himself, which you'll see when you buy Zarjaz #10 and Dogbreath #23 - you are going to buy them, aren't you?

Both of these fine publications will be officially launched at
the British International Comic Show in Birmingham in October, as well as being available to buy from the FutureQuake Shop, and your local Forbidden Planet International stores. So, really, you've got no excuse.

For all your Zarjaz and Dogbreath news, check out The Quaequam Blog - but remember to set your browsers for maximum Thrill Power!
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