Catching up...

I seem to have pretty much fallen off the radar over the last couple of weeks due to some construction work; the old PC has been packed away, and I managed to get a loan of a laptop to try and keep up with everything, but, as is often the case, things haven't gone according to plan, hence my vanishing act. Pimpage for Death To The Future has fallen by the wayside, e-mails have been stacking up and some potentially cool things have had to be put to one side until sanity and normalcy can be restored.

However, things are starting to look up a bit as the construction work nears its end. Kev Levell keeps sending me awesomeness in preparation for our upcoming Zarjaz collaboration, Dunk Nimmo has signed on to do a Judge Anderson strip with me for the same publication, I've seen the completed artwork for two more strips due for publication next year (one from Chris Askham and another from Bryan Coyle), and I've maybe got the chance to do something with an artist I've wanted to work with for a while. And there could well be some news on Babble on the horizon, but more on that later. So, once I'm able, I will be back at all this with a vengeance and my plans for world domination will be firmly back on track.

And, y'know, maybe I'll be able to write something, too.
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