End Of An Era...

So, today and tomorrow are the last days of Teletext as it closes its doors forever. Some of its services will continue on the web, but the days of getting those pages on your TV set are soon to be over, 30+ years since they first started.

I remember first discovering Teletext and how quickly it became a part of my daily routine. Before heading out to work, I'd switch the TV on, have some breakfast and read some pages - usually Planet Sound and Digitiser/Game Central. I became a fan of their honest, balanced reviews, and I loved the way that they didn't buy into the hype surrounding The New Game or The Next Big Band. It felt like old school journalism, where the facts were reported rather than just regurgitating the press releases. You never felt like the people writing these stories were going out of their way to point out how cool they were because they were interviewing Blur or playing the latest Mario game before you. These pages were written by people who had a genuine love and affection for the stuff they were reviewing, and it's something that I'll miss. Yes, I could go and find reviews on the Internet, but they won't have that feel of true independence that Teletext had. And, more importantly for me, they'll never be part of my morning routine.

So, goodbye Teletext. You will be missed.
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