I'm Zarjaz!

Yeah, OK, so that post title might be a bit misleading, seeing as I'm not all that Zarjaz. Well, not all the time. Just sometimes. When I can be arsed. Maybe.

Anyway, the 2000AD fanzine Zarjaz is putting together an ABC Warriors special to celebrate the release of the Firestep/Rebellion animation, and somehow, I've managed to blag my way into that very issue...

It's not that well known a fact (and why it would be, I don't know) that quite a few years back, I set up Spread The Word, a website dedicated to the ABC Warriors. I originally put the site together because I was learning HTML and I wanted something practical to play around with and see how it all worked, but as I got more and more into it, my love of the characters grew. Personally, I regard Black Hole as one of the greatest series that 2000AD has ever produced and the ABC Warriors finest hour (although a few people disagree with me).

So, getting the chance to actually write something with the ABC Warriors in it - featuring one of my two favourite characters from the series, no less! - is something that I am genuinely over the moon about.

The story is called Tin Man, and Chris Askham is the artist that I'll be working with on it. The only problem is that the issue isn't due until 2011. However, I'm assured by Zarjaz editor Bolt-01 that the whole thing is going to be something very cool...

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