The Emerald King

Coming next week to Aces Weekly is The Emerald King , by me, Alex Paterson and Nikki Powers ... Hired to follow socialite Eva Vickers ar...
- 10:31 am
The Emerald King The Emerald King Reviewed by Lee on 10:31 am Rating: 5
Velicity Jones #3: The Silent Forest Velicity Jones #3: The Silent Forest Reviewed by Lee on 10:39 am Rating: 5
Soon... Soon... Reviewed by Lee on 10:33 am Rating: 5
Coming Soon... Coming Soon... Reviewed by Lee on 1:27 pm Rating: 5

Two weeks on...

...and I'm not really missing social media that much, if I'm being honest.  It's been good for me, of that I have no doubt. I f...
- 12:39 pm
Two weeks on... Two weeks on... Reviewed by Lee on 12:39 pm Rating: 5


Whatever it is that's beyond burn out, I think I'm there. Over the last year and a bit, I've clung on to work and a vague sense...
- 10:28 am
Break Break Reviewed by Lee on 10:28 am Rating: 5

Dave Evans, RIP

We are devastated to hear of the death of Dave Evans - also known as Bolt-01 - a much loved member of the 2000 AD fandom, as well as editor ...
- 2:55 pm
Dave Evans, RIP Dave Evans, RIP Reviewed by Lee on 2:55 pm Rating: 5


There's something that feels weirdly wrong about erasing your own digital footprint, as if you're doing something...well, not quite ...
- 1:37 pm
Reduction Reduction Reviewed by Lee on 1:37 pm Rating: 5
Velicity Jones #2: The Godcutter Affair Velicity Jones #2: The Godcutter Affair Reviewed by Lee on 10:05 am Rating: 5

Fighting The Future

Another day, another round of problems to fix behind the scenes here, on ye olde blog, and another round of asking myself if it's worth ...
- 10:41 am
Fighting The Future Fighting The Future Reviewed by Lee on 10:41 am Rating: 5
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