Two weeks on...

...and I'm not really missing social media that much, if I'm being honest. 

It's been good for me, of that I have no doubt. I feel like I've reclaimed a lot of mental bandwith, and - weirdly - come to realise how much of it I was willingly giving up for soash meeds, generally. And that's really not a good thing.

Twitter is - or was - my social media platform of choice, simply because it was easy to dip into for a quick look at the state of the world in bite sized chunks, but it's become a perpetual outrage machine, designed to make you angry for its own engagement metrics - the angrier and more outraged you are, the more time you spend on the platform letting the world know how angry and outraged you are. It's got worse over the last year and a bit of lockdowns, but it will never improve. They'll never boot the Nazi's off the platform, or stop the spread of misinformation about the pandemic, or curb the abuse or harrasment, or even just nuke the bots: they all exist to drive engagement, and that's all Twitter ever wants. 

So, yeah. It's...freeing not logging into it every few hours to read about who or what it is we're supposed to be angry with right this second. I highly recommend it.

I'm barely around other platforms these days: I pretty much abanonded Facebook a while ago (although I really should go and shut it down completely), and technically I never left Instagram, but infrequent posting means I'm far more of a passive user, which is probably not good for their metrics my "brand," I guess. But, given the majority of my follows on there are photography accounts, I'm more than happy to just look at peaceful images of places from around the world that I'll never get to visit.

I'll have to come back to social media eventually, I know, if only to plug some upcoming projects, but, when I do, it'll be with a completely different mindset toward it.

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