Brexit Day

"Brexit Day," eh? 🙄

Feels like we've been here before. Several times, in fact...

I'm surprised it's actually come to pass this time, if I'm being honest. I was kind of hoping the government would quietly sweep it all under the carpet and go about their daily business as if it had never happened, but, then we had that election last year, and... Well, you know how that turned out.

So, now, we're finally here, at "Brexit Day."

A day for people to...celebrate? I mean, if you want to celebrate throwing away your right to live and work in Europe, slowly destroying the economy and any future your children and grandchildren may have had because you were lied to by the side of a bus, then, yeah, I guess. Just remember when we leave the transition period next year and it all goes tits up, it's what you voted for.

Because I'm shameless and will take any chance I can to plug my own work, I'm going to "celebrate" today in a different way, and offer up a short story I wrote last year, for the last Brexit Day, called, er, Brexit Day.

And it's absolutely free.

Like Brexit itself, the story is a little dark, a little absurd and unashamedly political. It's also probably not one for kids, so, y'know, be warned.

Anyway. You can download a PDF of it (via Dropbox) by clicking the image below - but, it'll only be available today, so get in quick, if you want it.

Normally, I'd say here that if you like the story, please consider buying me a coffee, via Ko-fi, but, because it's "Brexit Day" and all, I'm going to say let's do something in complete contradiction to everything it stands for and actually do something for other people.

So, if you like the story, please consider making a donation to Macmillan Cancer Support or Cancer Research UK - or a cancer charity of your choice. If you do want to give me something directly, though, I'll make sure it's donated.
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