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This is Imaginary Stories, the blog of a writer you've never heard of, and who's work you'll never read. Hi!

Realised I haven't updated this here blog since August last year, so I thought it was high time to get it back up and running again. I've made some changes to it, added some fresh links (including my Amazon author page, my eBay auctions and my bookshop), and updated a few pages. Which is nice.

If you're so inclined, you can grab some short prose stories I've written for less than a quid or maybe even check out some free comics - and if you like them, feel free to check me out on Comixology.

I've been using "soash meeds" less and less over the last six months or so, simply because I don't feel I have anything to add to the "discourse" of the day (and I'm not really that much of a performative person, as the ol' socials require). However, you can find me over on Twitter and Instagram, if you want. Although why you'd want to, I don't know.

Oh, yeah, it's 2020 now, isn't it? Or as I like to call it to a sea of blank faces "Arno Stark is Iron Man Year."

God, it's no wonder I'm single.

But, yeah, 2020... I have no idea what the year holds... Well, OK, I actually do know at least one thing that it's got in store, which should be coming along around May-ish. After that, though... *shrugs*. I've got a couple of things to finish up that got away from me last year (and two more from 2018 that pretty much stalled after I scripted them), but, other than that, I' to be hired, I guess...?

Anyway. Futures, yeah?

Art by Bryan Coyle. 

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