Joining the Republic Of Newsletters... Or not.

Been going back and forth on whether to actually set up a newsletter for a while now (I even went as far as to set up an account on a couple of different platforms to see which one is best for me), but I keep looking at the stats of this here blog and think: "is it worth it?"

I don't want to come across as "oh, poor me" because there's enough of that...well, everywhere (the last thing the world needs is another white guy whining, let's be honest), but I'm aware that I have no real presence in the world of social media, and it would be a massive blow to my already fragile ego when I see approximately no one has signed up after a month or so of plugging it.

On top of that, I...really don't have anything to say. Which, yes, I know hasn't stopped anybody from starting a newsletter, like, ever, but, hey, I dare to be different.

Well, OK, I guess I could use it to poke holes in a few of the old classic nuggets of advice around hashtag make comics, which would be fun. And probably not win me any new friends.

Actually, maybe I should just set up a Patreon for that... 🤔

Yes, I just used an emoji in a blog post. Go me.

I know I should just use a newsletter to a) talk about myself and what I'm up to, and 2) plug what I'm working on, but there's two major flaws in that approach:

1) I am an intensely private person, and the idea of putting anything more than the absolute bare minimum of information about myself out into the world horrifies me.

b) a lot of what I'm working on may not actually go anywhere, so it's pretty pointless talking about it in any great detail.

Maybe I could offer up some in-depth analysis of what I'm watching or reading? Maybe, but, really, does anyone care that I didn't like Swamp Thing? (I suspect that's an opinion that will not fit with the majority view).

I could maybe do some analysis of some comics I'm reading, but, I have a hunch that would result in people feeling "attacked" and  "trolled" because I dared to say something that wasn't 100% praise for their "genius." Or I would get that if anyone actually signed up for my newsletter. Hey, maybe I could just do it anyway, knowing no one will ever actually sign up... 🤔

Anyway. I think I can safely file the whole newsletter idea under "maybe another time."

For now, it's looking like I'll stick with these lonely isles of blogging.

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