Zarjaz Presents... Anderson, Psi Division: I, Death

Way, way back when, myself, Dunk Nimmo and Bolt-01 produced the first solo Judge Anderson story for Zarjaz, with I, Death.

It was a fun little project to work on, and cemented Dunk as one of my favourite collaborators - so much so, we actually did another Anderson story for Zarjaz, the appropriately festive Clear And Present Danger:

You can read that entire story here - for free!

The finished pages of I, Death languished in my archive for a while until Bryan Coyle got a look at them and thought they'd look great with a splash of colour added.

So, that's exactly what he did.

Bryan did a stellar job of the colouring, and it would be a shame to let the pages remain unseen, so, with the permission of everyone involved, I'm presenting the complete, coloured version of I, Death as a festive freebie!

Click the image below to go read it, and - hopefully - enjoy!