Behind The Scenes...

Over on his blog, artist and all round comic making machine David Broughton takes you behind the scenes of our Strontium Dog collaboration from earlier this year.

All in all, it's a pretty great post for "process junkies" who want to see how the sausage is made and I'm glad I got to add a little something to it - although, I wish I could have added more, but the script was written so long ago, my memories of actually writing it are fuzzy at best.

Still, be sure to give the whole post a read right here.

For those of you wanting to read the full strip - and it's companion piece, Durham Red: Like A Dog by myself and Paul Williams - you can grab Dogbreath #31 from the newly pimpled FutureQuake Site for £3.00 (+ shipping), and get this scrotnig cover from Steve Green (with Matthew Simpson as Johnny Alpha and Kevin Horsham as Wulf Sternhammer from the upcoming  Fan Film Search & Destroy) to boot:

Remember: a whole bunch of back issues are still available from the FutureQuake site, if you think you can handle the extra Thrill Power!
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