Out Now: The Zarjaz & FutureQuake Summer Specials

With the release of the inaugural Zarjaz Summer Special, I can finally let the cat out of the bag about a secret project that's been brewing for a wee while, as myself, Paul Moore and Bolt-01 take Devlin Waugh out for A Night At The Opera...

Taking a break from a Black Atlantic Cruise to finally see the acclaimed opera Bok!, Devlin Waugh finds himself attending a private gathering thrown by the opera house's owner - a gathering that could well spell the end for the Vatican's most flamboyant exorcist...

Taking on Devlin Waugh is always a bit of a challenge. He's a character that's written with such a singular and unique voice that runs far beyond his fabulous nature, so it's hard to really dig into his little corner of Dredd's world and do it justice. I'd like to think I succeeded to a degree, but I'll let people reading decide...

Myself and Bolt-01 were joined by Paul Moore for this little adventure. I've worked with Paul once before, on the Rogue Trooper daily strip we did for the Zarjaz blog, so I was excited to see what he could do outside of the confines of that particular format - and he really doesn't disappoint. Paul brings a Steve Yeowell-esque level of realism to the strip, which helps capture the feel of some of Devlin's weirder adventures, while putting his own unique stamp on the story. It was an absolute joy watching his pages come in, and I can't wait to see what else we can do together.

Be sure to check out Paul's Tumblr gallery and follow him @PMoore121.

The Zarjaz Summer Special available to buy now from the FutureQuake Shop, priced £4.00 (plus shipping) and features this cover from Nigel Dobbyn:

And, remember, a whole bunch of back issues are still available from the FutureQuake Shop, if you think you can handle the extra Thrill Power!

Also out is the FutureQuake Summer Special, featuring an original strip, "Come Home", from myself and Justin Wood (with Bolt-01 on letters).

Tom James is a man trying to make a living, but he's also a man drowning in his own secrets - one of which is about to turn his life upside down...

"Come Home" is a weird one, as it's a story I wrote quite a while ago, when I was trying to push myself and try and just be better. Reading it back, it actually feels - to me - like it was a personal turning point for me, and, since this piece was wrapped, I've felt more confident and ready to try new things, and generally be more adventurous, for want of a better word, with my work.

This is the first time I've worked with Justin Wood, and he didn't disappoint. He brings this little story world to life beautifully, capturing the weirder elements and blending them seamlessly with the down to earth locales, all the while retaining some clear storytelling. Justin is a name to watch out for, mark my words.

You can see more of his work at his website.

Update: John Freeman at Down The Tubes casts his eye over the latest issue of FutureQuake and has some kind words about "Come Home" - read his review here.

The bumper sized FutureQuake Summer Edition is available to buy now from the FutureQuake Shop, priced £6.00 (plus shipping) and features this cover from Alex Paterson:

The special (or FutureQuake #29, if you prefer) should be available on Comixology shortly, too is now available from Comixology!

In the meantime, be sure and check out more back issues, available from the FQ web shop.
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