Zarjaz Presents... Judge Dredd: At The Polls Episode 1

Me, Bryan and Bolt-01 are back with this unscheduled - but topical! - 10 part Zarjaz daily...

As always, each episode of At The Polls will debut over at The Quequam Blog (and the 2000AD message boards) before popping up here, and I'll compile the strips on their own page if anyone wants to catch up.

The story continues tomorrow. In the meantime, you can check out all the previous "Zarjaz Dailies" here.

Because I'm contractually obliged to point this out, that Bryan and I have a graphic novel, Babble, available to buy in print from Amazon UK and Amazon US, or in digital from Comixology, Comics Plus and Madefire (for iOS and Android). So, y'know, go buy it.

You can also find a more recent collaboration, Victoria, in the pages of Something Wicked #10, currently available from the FutureQuake Shop, and one of our previous Dredd collaborations, The Right To Arm Bears, is still available to read for free.

And remember: if you want even more supplementary Thrill Power Zarjaz #23 is available to buy from The FutureQuake Web Shop now!


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