Covering Babble

So, last week, we put out the cover to Babble:

The art is by my partner in crime Bryan Coyle and the design is by the bods at Com.X. We have an ISBN (978-0-9832238-5-6), a price (£10.99 / $17.99) and a place in the October edition of Previews (Order code pending), which means - mindbogglingly - this will be available in all good and disreputable comic and book shops the world over. Which, I don't mind admitting, I find a bit terrifying.

I still find myself a little bit scared every time something I've been involved with goes to print, but I can always hide behind a computer screen and put on a front of confidence, and blog and Tweet about it. With Babble, though... This is the first long form project I've managed to see through from beginning to end; it's 100+ pages of my writing, rather than a five or six page short hidden away in a collection of similar stories. It's all me in that script and - like any writer in this position - I'm worried about the reaction it'll get. Will people like it? Hate it? Take time out of their oh-so busy day to leave a comment making it clear to the world that they have no interest in it at all?

On the other hand, though, I'm kind of glad it's over. The book - or more accurately, Carrie, our lead character - reflects a part of my life that I want to put away for a while so I can move on and do other things (over on his blog, Bryan's posted his own take on the end of the book, which gives some perspective on this), and the gap between now and solicitation should help me get some distance from it.

And since I'm being honest here, I may as well say that this is a result of the fifth attempt to get Babble out there into the world (the first three times were as a short story, and the last two were the the graphic novel version with Bryan on-board) - which I suppose I should try and spin as some kind of inspirational moment for aspiring writers trying to get their own work out there, but the truth of it is, it was all just pig headed stubbornness hard work and perseverance. Well, that and the fact that it's got an amazing artist as part of the package. That helped a lot, believe me.

So, there it is, then. The cover, all the information we can give you at the minute, and the vague hope someone out there buys this thing and likes what we've done...

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