A Sneaky Peek at Judge Dredd: The Taking Of Mopad 456

On Christmas Eve morning, I got a rather lovely little surprise from Kevin Levell in my inbox: the completed art for our Zarjaz collaboration Judge Dredd: The Taking Of Mopad 456! I've been sitting on it for a while, but now it's all been lettered and locked down for printing, there's a wee preview of it at The Quaequam Blog - and looks a bit like this:

Kev has posted a little something about the process for that teaser over on his blog.

The story was an attempt at a shamelessly old school Judge Dredd tale - so much so, that I was adamant it had to have been done before, and the guys at Zarjaz would reject it. But, to my surprise, they loved it (editor extraordinaire Bolt-01 said he could imagine it was something drawn by Ron Smith - which is still one of the nicest compliments I've had about anything I've written). And, then, when Kev agreed to do the artwork, everything just fell beautifully into place in that way that life has a habit of doing sometimes. Anyone who's familiar with Kev's work will know he's a 2000AD art droid in waiting, destined for great things in the world of comics, and to get the chance to do something with him was an utter joy; he really made this strip his own, infusing it with a classic feel that's just so perfectly pitched. I just hope the script matches up...

The completed strip will be appearing in Zarjaz #15, due for release in July 2012, and will feature a cover by yet another 2000AD Art Droid.
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