Into The Woods - Available Now!

At last, Stacey Whittle's anthology Into The Woods is finally available to buy!

The book brings together some of the finest small press comic creators around today to give their own unique takes on fairy and folk tales, including Richard McAuliffe, Sarah Dunkerton, Matt Gibbs, Alice Duke, Scott Harrison, Daniel Clifford, Bevis Musson, Alexi ConmanConnor Boyle, and, er, me.

Myself and Simon Wyatt (with Filip Roncone on lettering duties) have done our own version of the Northumbrian folk tale The Lang Pack (or The Long Pack, for all you Southerners), a bizarre little tale that I don't think has been told in comic form before.

In the Winter of 1723, a peddlar leaves his pack with the skeleton staff of Lee Hall in Bellingham while he sought other lodgings. However, during the night, the pack begins to move of its own accord...
The book is complemented by this rather tasty front cover by Andy Bloor (with colours by Steven Howard):

Into The Woods is available now from Aye Saw Comics' Big Cartel Shop, priced at a paltry £5 (+ p&p). So, go on! Buy a copy!
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