The Babble Project: Hammett

Hammett © Copyright 2011 Lee Robson & Bryan Coyle. Art by Lonny Chant

From the mean streets of a dystopian future comes the robot private investigator Hammett!

Hammett was created by us for a story called Loose Ends, which appeared Accent UK's Robots anthology (still available to buy!). Conceived as private detective in the Philip Marlowe mould, Hammett inhabits a brave new world where humans and robots live side by side, but the crimes are all too familar... Hammett will be returning in Accent UK's upcoming Zombies 2, due soon.

Art for this image was provided by NY resident and, arguably, one of the greatest undiscovered comic talents in the American scene, Lonny Chant. Lonny's art has graced the pages of many anthologies on both sides of the Atlantic, and can currently be seen in the pages of the zombie comic FUBAR: European Theatre Of The Damned - a preview of which you can see here. Be sure and check out Lonny's blog, too!

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