The Babble Project: Frank Sartre

Frank Satre by James Reekie

Frank Sartre © Copyright 2011 James Peaty & James Reekie. Art by James Reekie.

Live and direct from the city of Cosmopolis comes Frank Sartre!

Created by James Peaty and James Reekie, Frank Sartre is a washed up club singer in the grip of depression and haunted by recurring dreams of a mysterious girl. With a killer stalking the streets of Cosmopolis and an intrepid reporter looking for a connection to Frank, will our hero be able to find the answers he's searching for?

The Ballad of Frank Sartre is an original graphic novel from comics pro James Peaty (who may be familiar to readers of DC's Supergirl) and newcomer James Reekie (a name to definitely watch out for), currently being serialised every Friday at Arguably the best webcomic out there, The Ballad of Frank Satre is destined to become a major hit, so be sure and check it out.
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