Covering Zarjaz

Obviously, you're all following The Quaequam Blog, home of The Galaxy's Greatest Fanzines, but in case you missed it, editor extraordinaire Bolt-01 released the cover image for Zarjaz #11, an ABC Warriors special - by none other than current ABC Warriors artist Clint Langley!

I've mentioned time and time again on this here blog, that I've been fortunate enough to land a strip in this very issue, with the far too talented Chris Askham on art, and seeing this cover in all it's electronic glory... Well, it just brings home how lucky I was.

I'll post more on the strip, Tin Man, the strip from me and Chris, closer to the time of release.


  1. It's looking good alright! Going by the list of contributors, it was going to be a cracking issue anyway, but this is the icing on the cake.

  2. @Chris Askham I think Dave and Rich have surpassed themselves with this issue! Makes you wonder what they've got lined up next...


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