Death To The Future!

A slightly ominous title for a blog post, maybe, but it also happens to be the title of a very special story that will be appearing in Zarjaz...and Dogbreath!

Yes, you read that right: this October, you'll be seeing the first ever Zarjaz/Dogbreath crossover with a story so jam packed full of Thrill Power it couldn't be contained in a single comic! And it gives me great pleasure to announce that myself, Dunk! Nimmo and Bolt-01 will be the ones spearheading this momentous event!

Dunk!, Bolt-01 and I first worked together on a piece called Gifts, which was originally printed in Something Wicked #2 - which you can read for free on the freebies page of this here blog - and it's a great, great pleasure to be working with them again, especially on something as special as this. Believe me when I say that both Dunk and Bolt-01 have really brought their A-game to this, and I'm pretty sure their work will absolutely blow you away. And, in case any of you were wondering, all the stuff we've been posting on our respective blogs was from this. Ain't we a bunch of stinkers?

Here's the official breakdown for you:

When Johnny Alpha returns to Mega-City 1 on a routine pick-up job, he comes face-to-face with Judge Dredd - who's determined to bring in the mutant bounty hunter dead or alive! What neither are aware is that Alpha's target is about to unleash one of the greatest villains in Mega-City 1 history on an unsuspecting future...

Death To The Future is a time-spanning mini-epic that teams 2000AD's two most popular characters in a deadly race against time - with the fate of humanity itself at stake!
If there's any geeky media types reading this that want a preview, drop me a line at lee at imaginary stories dot co dot uk, and I'll ship one straight out to you.

Now, don't worry: yes, Death To The Future is a crossover, but each strip will be a stand alone story, so you won't have to buy both comics to read the whole thing (but it would be really cool if you did). So, if you only buy Dogbreath but not Zarjaz - or vice versa - you'll still get an extended, action packed story featuring 2000AD's two biggest guns that'll overload your Thrill circuits and leave you gasping for breath!

Part 1 will be appearing in the extra-sized Zarjaz #10:

And part 2 will see the light of day in Dogbreath #23:

Both of these fine publications will be officially launched at
the British International Comic Show in Birmingham in October, as well as being available to buy from the FutureQuake Shop, and your local Forbidden Planet International stores. So, really, you've got no excuse not to go and buy them.

For all your Zarjaz and Dogbreath news, check out The Quaequam Blog - but remember to set your browsers for maximum Thrill Power!
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