A state funeral for Thatcher?

Love her or hater, the one thing you can't deny about Margaret Thatcher is that EVERYONE has an opinion on her. Given where I come from in the UK, and I grew up in the aftermath of her legacy, I think you can probably guess on which side of the fence I sit. So, I was more than slightly annoyed to discover that she'll be getting a state funeral, which we, the residents of the United Kingdom, will have to pay for.

Comedian and activist Mark Thomas has launched a campaign to try and get the old bat to pay for her own funeral, which you can be a part of. Simply download one of the postcards (pictured below) from his site and send them to the person with most say on a state funeral, Elizabeth Windsor (sometimes known as the Queen).

Oh, and don't forget to add your name to the 10 Downing Street petition for the same thing here.


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