Into The Archives Part 3: Whole

Whole is one of my favourite pieces. It was originally written for submission to 2000AD and rejected by them on two separate occasions. FutureQuake, on the other hand, snapped it up and it became my first acceptance from them - but it became my second published strip, appearing in FutureQuake #8. The art was by Mick Trimble.

Click the thumbnails for readable versions.

Looking back at this now, I can see the flaws and mistakes in the script - the main one being that I wasn't quite as skilled or mature as a writer that I needed to be for it. Still, it's one of my personal favourites (even though the scripting process was torturous at times) and I'm proud of the fact that I actually tried something different, rather than a generic sci-fi tale.

Whole also taught be a valuable lesson when it came to crafting comics: my vision will never match the artists. Being so new to the game, I never dared ask for bits to be re-drawn, although that's something I've since overcome.

The complete FutureQuake #8 is available to read - FREE - on the FutureQuake Strip Viewer now. Issues 10-13 of FutureQuake are still available to buy.

Some of the other strips penned by me can be found at my ComicSpace page.

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