Something Wicked #2 & FutureQuake #7 Sold Out!

Because I'm so on the ball about this stuff, I forgot to mention that FutureQuake #7 and Something Wicked #2 have sold out.

FutureQuake #7 featured the first strip I'd ever had published by FutureQuake, and Something Wicked #2 was the first time I'd had the privilage of having a cover based on one of my strips - and a cover by Julia Bax, no less!

I'm proud that I've been able to be a part of FutureQuake - and, hopefully, will be for a time to come! - and knowing that two of the anthologies I've been lucky enough to contribute to have been popular enough with readers to actually sell out is just a great feeling. Anyone reading this, please go and check out FutureQuake and it's sister titles Something Wicked and MangaQuake; they really are some of the best independent anthologies around at the minute. FutureQuake was nominated for an Eagle Award for a reason...

Both the strips from FutureQuake #7 and Something Wicked #2 are now available to read on my ComicSpace page: Gifts (from Something Wicked #2) features artwork from Dunk Nimmo, and Box (from FutureQuake #7) features art by Lonny Chant.

Something Wicked #2 & FutureQuake #7 Sold Out! Something Wicked #2 & FutureQuake #7 Sold Out! Reviewed by Unknown on 4:42 am Rating: 5
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