How much is too much?

Reading blogs on MySpace, I'm always stunned by how much people are willing to share about the more personal aspects of themselves and their own lives.

I know that sitting in front of a monitor screen posting to a blog or chatting on MSN affords you a certain level of anonymity, and you can say and do things that you wouldn't feel comfortable doing or saying if you were with other people, but surely there's a line that you draw, isn't there? There's some point that you don't cross when it comes to sharing things with the world around you, right?

I realise that we're quickly hitting a point where we can't go anywhere or do anything without someone somewhere knowing about it, but we seem to be embracing that existence and taking it a step further, freely giving away information about ourselves to anyone using MySpace or Facebook, intimate information that, a few years ago, you'd probably only admit to your partner one drunken night after thirty years together.

Maybe I am out of step with the rest of the world on this, maybe this is the beginnings of the free flow of information that's often talked about, but I always thought that would lead to the truth about who really killed JFK, not the exact time and date of someone's last visit to the toilet, with footnotes on size, weight, colour and consistency of the turd.

If the government want to know every intricate detail of our lives, they need look no further than MySpace blogs...
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