There be ROBOTS!!

I am a happy bunny.

Yes, I am.

I've just met my second 'professional' deadline for Accent UK's 2008 anthology ROBOTS, due for release in February (but you should be able to pre-order it through Previews in December). The book - and it is a book - is a 180[-ish] page graphic novel featuring work from Dwight L. McPhereson, Leah Moore & John Reppion, Leonie Moore, Matt Timson and Frazer Irving. Oh, and me.

I was lucky enough to entice the incredibly talented Bryan Coyle into providing the artwork, and he's supplied pages that can only be described as 'jaw dropping.' I think the strip more than holds its own against the others in the book, but, of course, the readers will have to be the judge of that...

There be ROBOTS!! There be ROBOTS!! Reviewed by Unknown on 2:53 pm Rating: 5
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