"Be my fwend..."

I'll admit I don't get this whole 'social networking website' craze that's going on. I mean, what could be more anti-social than sitting in front of a computer screen all day?

And yet, everyone's at it. Me included. Although God alone knows why. I really don't want to read your shitty blog and read about how depressed you are, or how amazing this new band you've only just discovered is. I don't care if your cat's just torn your favourite wank mag to shreds, nor do I give two big bags of bollocks about your current mood or what you're up to at this exact moment in time. I don't want to sign your wall, I don't want to be forced to listen to whatever tedium you use as your profile song and I can't be arsed to look at the photographs of you in your bikini... Well, ok, maybe we can talk about that last one...

What I want out of those social networking sites is to, you know, network socially, but it seems that the only people who actually do that are people who post pictures of themselves in their underwear, or people looking for pictures of people in their underwear. It actually baffles me when I hear about people meeting, chatting and pulling on MySpace; all I ever seem to get in my inbox is 'friend requests' from bands I've never heard of and probably never will again.

I wonder if it's all because I refuse to post photographs of myself in my underwear...
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