Nursery Rhyme

It's that time again when I decide to dip my toe into the world of Kindle-based short fiction.

This time, it's something called Nursery Rhyme...

Returning home to Newcastle, journalist Andy Porter finds himself thrown headlong into a part of his past he'd rather forget. When he notices a series of mysterious symbols that have appeared all over the city, he soon realises they may be connected to the past he's trying to escape...

This is a story I really don't want to talk about too much for a variety of reasons, but it's also a thing I've struggled to get to grips with for a really long time (I mean, stupidly long), and I'm glad it's finally done and dusted. Was it worth it? Well, I think so, anyway, buy you can judge for yourself - and it'll only cost you a quid!

You can get Nursery Rhyme from Amazon UK:

The story is also available via Amazon US:

And, for all you non-Kindle owners, Nursery Rhyme is also available as a PDF via these fine online portals:

So, y'know, why not give it a try?

And, again, huge thanks to m'colleague Bryan Coyle for providing that lovely cover.
Nursery Rhyme Nursery Rhyme Reviewed by Lee on 11:03 am Rating: 5
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