Zarjaz Presents... Judge Dredd: At The Polls Episode 10

And with that, our strip is complete! Hope you all enjoyed it - and don't forget to vote tomorrow!

Thanks to Zarjaz for letting us do this under their banner, thanks to 2000AD's PR Droid for giving us a shout out in the weekly Thrill Mail and, of course, thanks to you for reading!

Remember, you can read the entire serial here, and all the previous Zarjaz Dailies, are available here.

And, of course, Zarjaz #23 is available to buy now (along with a whole bunch of back issues) from the FutureQuake Shop, priced £3.00 (+ shipping) and features this rather scrotnig Mark Harrison cover:

And the OGN Babble by me and Bryan (published by Com.X) is still available to buy in print from Amazon (UK | US), and in digital from Comixology, Comics Plus and Madefire (iOS | Android).

And, just because I can, here's the exclusive video teaser for it:


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