War Cars: Collected!

So, my partner in crimes against comics, Bryan Coyle, has finished, er, scanning and restoring the old War Cars comic from the 1980's he's been working on bringing back to life, and is now offering it up as a digital download on Comicsy, copyrights and legality be damned.

If you're not sure what War Cars was all about, it was a, er, toy tie in comic from 1983 that saw two warring factions racing across the ravaged face of the planet earth, trying to claim territory. They were, looking back, pretty silly comics on the surface, but digging into them, they provided a depth and breadth of storytelling that's actually a lot of fun to read.

Anyway, Bryan's been beavering away for ages...restoring the War Cars Collected Comics #1, and you can now buy it from Comicsy, priced a paltry £1.99, by clicking this here link or the image below.

War Cars: Collected! War Cars: Collected! Reviewed by Unknown on 10:45 am Rating: 5
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