Zarjaz Presents... Judge Dredd: Dental Plan Ep 2

And with that, Dental Plan is done! Remember, if you want to read more of these mini-cases, you can find some here.

A sincere thanks to the lads at Zarjaz for giving me the opportunity to do these and to Bolt-01 for providing the lettering and giving it that authentic Zarjaz feel, and special thanks to my art monkey partner in crime Bryan Coyle for the script assistance.

You can, of course, still read the previous Daily Dredd with Bolt-01 here, the Daily Dredd with Bryan here, and my previous Dredd collaboration with Paul Williams, True Believers, is still available in the pages of Zarjaz #21, currently available from the FutureQuake Web Shop or the FutureQuake Comicsy shop.

Without wanting to tempt fate too much, it's looking like the daily strips will return in 2015, with three full length tales...