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Yes, I am stealing this idea from Warren Ellis. Hello.

Welcome to Imaginary Stories, the official web presence of a writer you've never heard of.

I've mainly been kicking around the UK small press comics scene, touting my wares and writing a ton of short stories for various anthologies - many of which are still available to buy with your money - and I'm currently trying to gain a foothold outside of the scene. Because I am shameless, I will take this opportunity to say that I have a portfolio of complete strips available for any editors reading this.

I also wrote/co-created a graphic novel which I'm contractually obliged to refer to as "critically acclaimed"*. You can see the proof here. You can also by said book from Amazon UK, Amazon US and Comixology. You'd make myself and Bryan very happy if you did.

So far, I've published a couple of short prose stories on the Kindle. I may do more in the future. You have been warned.

You can find me on various social media platforms, but Twitter is my main playground. However, I am lurking around and Grooveshark, trying to infect the world with my musical tastes. I also have a Tumblr which is really just a digital scrapbook for stuff that I find interesting (you may not); it's currently set to make one post every day from now until the end of the year because why not. I am also currently exploring Medium and I'll be posting odds and ends that don't fit here or on the Tumblr.

Because you've read this far down, here's a wee present in the form of some completely free comics, some that have seen print already, some produced for on-line pleasuring of your comic reading eyes.

Thank you for reading and may your gods go with you.**

Image credits: Art by Bryan Coyle, colours by Mark Dale

* Not really, of course, but it amuses me to say that.
** Yes, I nicked that from Dave Allen. Shut up.
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