Zarjaz Presents... Judge Dredd: And All Because The Lady Loves... Ep 2

Letters by Bolt-01

And with that, our little run of stories is wrapped! I sincerely hope that you enjoyed then, and thank you for coming back here to read them all (or going to wherever you went to read them). Remember, if you want to read all of the stories we've posted this week, you can find them all here.

A sincere thanks to the lads at Zarjaz for giving me the opportunity to do these and special thanks to Bryan Coyle and Jim Lavery for stepping up to provide the art, and Bolt-01 for providing the lettering and giving it that authentic Zarjaz feel. You can, of course, still read the previous Dredd Daily with Bolt-01 here.

You can see my previous collaboration with Jim Lavery in FutureQuake #24, still available from the FQ Webs Shop or the FQ Comicsy shop.

And, obviously, myself and Bryan Coyle were behind the critically acclaimed UK graphic novel Babble, which is available via Amazon UK, Amazon US, Forbidden Planet, Comixology and Comics Plus.

With a little bit of luck, the Daily Dredd's will return later this year with a new, full length story...


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