Too Busy Thinking About Batman vs Predator...

So, Colin Smith was kind enough to invite me back to contribute another guest post for his final goodbye to Too Busy Thinking About My Comics, and I decided to squander take the opportunity to talk about the fondly remembered, but largely overlooked, Batman vs Predator...

Yeah, yeah, I know what people are thinking, but I've hopefully staked my claim that it's actually a little gem of a series - by Dave Gibbons and Andy and Adam Kubert, no less! - that's really worth a second look. You can read the post over at Too Busy Thinking now (or click the image above, if you prefer).

And, just because, here's a little something related to the post that's also largely overlooked and forgotten: Batman: Dead End...

The guest post is actually rather bittersweet, seeing as Colin's chosen to close the blog down and pursue other, paying, opportunities, but I'm glad I could participate in his farewell series of posts, even in just a small way. Personally, I'll be sorry to see the blog go; ever since Bryan Coyle introduced me to Too Busy Thinking, I've enjoyed reading Colin's thought provoking and articulate posts; his consistently in-depth looks at comics and graphic novels were - and are - a change from the usual reviews you find on mainstream comic websites. And, more than a few times, his posts made me look at how I approach storytelling in a different light.

Of course, Colin took some time out to talk to myself and Bryan about Babble during the PR run for the book; it was a thoroughly enjoyable chat and I hope we can do it again for another blog or publication for a new project. The interview can be found at Too Busy Thinking here, if you're interested in reading it. You can find the man himself over on Twitter, too @Colin_TBTAMC.

I think, though, I'm going to end this with a picture that Colin ended his closing the blog announcement with, but also one that reminds me of his amazing and impressive 4 part look at Superman: Earth One and All Star Superman (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) and is a sentiment we should all remember:

"Stick together!"
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