Just Like You

A little late to this party, I know, but last week, Bryan posted an old strip we did for Accent UK's Predators anthology, called Just Like You.

I can’t really remember much about the creation of the strip, to be honest, apart from it not being my original idea for the anthology (I ended up scrapping that one when the title of the book changed). I know I wanted to try something that was just a monologue in comic form, but had no idea if it could work - thankfully, Bryan made it work and turned it into one of my favourite strips that we’ve done together.

Anyway, here it is (click the images to make them bigger):

A "re-bloggable" version can be found on my Tumblr. There's also PDF and CBR downloads, as well as an e-book version, available on this here page.

Predators is still available to buy from all good and disreputable comic shops, priced £8.99/$14.99 (RRP), and is well worth the money - if only for this Kev Mullins cover alone:

ISBN 978-0-9555764-7-8
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