Too Busy Thinking About Batman & Spider-Man...

Over the weekend, on the old Twitters, I got into a conversation with Colin Smith, blogger and writer for many fine publications (including Q Magazine, New Statesman, Sequart and Comic Book Resources), about the old DC/Marvel crossovers and, after expressing my enthusiasm and unashamed love for the Batman/Spider-Man team-ups of the 90's, Colin took leave of his senses and asked me if I'd like to contribute something to his infamous blog Too Busy Thinking About My Comics - which I did, and you can read it here, or by clicking the picture below.

The piece actually brought some very kind words from the writer of both comics, J.M. DeMatteis, which, frankly, made me a little speechless; I'm a huge fan of the guy's work, and knowing he read the piece and appreciated what I said about his work is pretty damn amazing.

Anyway, please go and read the post and - hopefully - enjoy.
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