Canny Comic Con 2013...?

Seem to have forgotten to post this earlier, but The Canny Comic Con - Newcastle's entirely free comic festival running in December - isn't happening this year, but it sort of is...

This year, there's going to be something a bit different: THE CANNY COMIC CON COMIC CREATION CHALLENGE!

The Canny Comic Con Creation Challenge - or the The CCCCCC! - is all about one thing: making comics. No matter what your age or skill or experience, you can make comics, so why not come along and do so with other folks?

The event's going to be at Newcastle City Library on Saturday 7th December 2013, 10am-5pm, so why not get yourselves along and check it out?

You can find out the full rundown of what's going on over at The Canny Comic Con Blog.
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