Free Comic Book Day

So, it's Free Comic Book Day, which means you should ALL get down to your local comic book shop and grab some freebies, and maybe even buy some other stuff while you're there (here’s a handy site that will help you find your nearest store in the UK, US and Canada:

However, if you can't get to a shop today and still want a free comic, well, here's something just for you:

If you don't want the ebook version, though, you can:
Yes, The Right To Arm Bears was posted at the tail end of last year, but it's being offered up again for fun, and because, y'know, it's a free comic for free comic book day.

Again, big, big thanks to Bolt-01 and Rich Clements for agreeing to let us do this under the Zarjaz banner, and, of course, the editorial guidance. Remember, several issues of Zarjaz -  and its sister publication Dogbreath - are still available, priced £3.00 (+ P&P) Earth Money. You can get all the available issues from the FutureQuake Shop, and the latest issues are currently available from the FQ Comicsy Shop.

Also, Babble, by us, is in the shops NOW. You can still order it from comic shops on both sides of the Atlantic with the code OCT120971 or you can get yourself a copy from online from these fine retailers:

Buy Babble from Amazon UK Buy Babble from Amazon US
Buy from Amazon UK Buy from Amazon US
Buy Babble at Forbidden Planet Buy Babble from TFAW
Buy from Forbidden Planet Buy from Things From Another World

Alternatively, you can get a digital version from here: Buy at Comixology
Buy from Comics Plus Buy from Comixology
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